Children's farm holiday in South Tyrol

... Boundless fun for our younger guests

Find - try - play... and simply have fun: this is our motto for the little ones, but also for older children. Being outdoors, feeling the hay on one's skin, touching the soft fur of animals - there are a thousand and one things that children can experience on a farm. Your children have free rein of the lawns and the woods to run about and play; and a holiday at a farmhouse is synonymous with authenticity and close contact with nature.

Chickens peck around the yard, and our sheep Holly, Polly & Co. bleat like crazy. Our calves graze in the meadows with their smaller friends, the ponies. In the barn are rabbit enclosures. Cats roam all over in search of prey. Selia the dog keeps his eye on them, but so do the rest of the farm. During their family holiday at the Häuslerhof, parents can learn about traditional farming and experience spontaneous life in the mountains. Children can approach this environment in an almost playful way, for example by doing some simple little job in the stable or feeding the animals. They learn to look after them and will be rewarded immediately when they see that the animals entrusted to them appreciate their care and attention.


But of course there will also be many opportunities for your children to get out and about and play. Younger guests can have fun with the swing, slide and sand pits in the courtyard. Older children may devote themselves to the discovery of nature: watching the beetles, collecting stones or building a dam in a mountain stream. There are many walks suitable for the whole family. The mountain behind our house, the Kronplatz, is ideal for skiers of all ages. And if it rains, never fear: our old dresser is full of games for children and adults alike. There is also a library stacked with books for children and others in many genres.

Children with animals

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